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Sixth year Agricultural Science Mind Map on Grasslands, created by Roisin Reid on 02/04/2019.

Resource summary

  1. 1. Introduction to grasslands
    1. Ecology
      1. Grazing
        1. Grass structure (Be able to draw and label!)
          1. Grass Species
            1. Characteristics of grass (P.P.D)
              1. Palatability
                1. Productivity
                  1. Digestibility
                  2. Choosing grass species
                    1. Seed mixtures
                      1. Categories of Grassland
                        1. Rough Mountain and Hillgrazing: e.g. sheep
                          1. Worst,, low stocking rate, highly variable, acidic soil
                          2. Permanent Grassland
                            1. Higher stocking rate, variable, higher production rate
                            2. Temporary Leys
                              1. One or 2 species of grass, very productive, high stocking rate
                          3. 2. Grazing and Grassland Management
                            1. Grazing Systems
                              1. Fertilizers
                              2. 3. Sowing and Reseeding Grasslands
                                1. Why reseeding occurs
                                  1. Medthods of sowing and reseeding grass
                                    1. Cultivation Techniques
                                    2. 4. Grass Preservation
                                      1. Silage making
                                        1. Hay Making
                                          1. Effect on the environment
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