Physics equations and the things behind them

Matthew Roderick
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Mind Map on Physics equations and the things behind them, created by Matthew Roderick on 02/06/2019.

Matthew Roderick
Created by Matthew Roderick 9 months ago
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Physics equations and the things behind them
1 density(kg/m³)=mass(kg)/volume (m³)
1.1 it does not vary with shape or size
1.2 what it is made up of
1.3 determines if it floats or sinks
1.4 experiments
1.4.1 you can measure it in solids or liquids
1.4.2 you can use a measuring cylinder to measure liquid density 1ml = 1cm³ then use the mass to calculate it
1.4.3 solid cuboid measure length width height and multiply together
1.4.4 solid cylinder diameter of circles at the bass halve to get r volume=π X r² X height
1.4.5 eureka can fill up to just the spout the object you put in the can will displace the exact volume of itself so use 1ml = 1cm³ repeat 3 times and figure out a mean before calculating let it drain before using the measuring cylinder thin string should be used to get the most accurate reading
2 distance travled(m) = speed(m/s) X time(s)
3 acceleration(m/s²) = change in velocity(m/s) / time(s)
4 kinetic energy(j) = 0.5 X mass(kg) X (speed(m/s)²)
5 moles = actual mass/ molar mass

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