Characters Within ¨The Book Thief¨


A detailed description of the five main characters in ¨The Book Thief.¨
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Characters Within ¨The Book Thief¨
  1. Hans Hubermann
    1. Cares about all other humans, no matter what the believe
      1. Black
        1. Jewish
          1. White
            1. Christian
            2. Loves Liesel like his own daughter
              1. Reads to her
                1. Teaches her how to read on her own
                2. Stays up late at night with her
                  1. Plays the accordion for her
                  2. Risks his own life so that he can help other people
                    1. Fights in and survives both WWI and WWII
                      1. He knows how to comfort people when they are feeling scared
                      2. Rosa Hubermann
                        1. Likes to call people a ¨saukrel¨
                          1. Comes off as being very harsh towards other people
                            1. I think that she has a very soft side because of the way she held Liesel and sang to her in the bomb shelter
                            2. She also cares about other people
                              1. She is not as public about caring for people such as the Jews and Hans is
                              2. She washes and irons peoples clothes in the neighborhood for pay
                                1. This job does not pay very much hence the reason why the Hubermanns are poor
                              3. Liesel Meminger
                                1. She is the foster child of Rosa and Hans Hubermann
                                  1. Her parents were taken away by the Nazis and her brother died on the train when they were on their way to Munich
                                  2. Best friends with Rudy Steiner
                                    1. Loves to read book and sometimes she has to steal them
                                      1. She stole many books from many different people with a little help from Rudy
                                        1. She also read to the people in the bomb shelter so that they would not be scared of the air raid
                                    2. Rudy Steiner
                                      1. He is obsessed with Jesse Owens
                                        1. He even made himself look like a black man and ran around the local track
                                        2. Best friends with Liesel
                                          1. He is constantly asking her to kiss him and she won't do it
                                          2. The Nazis want to take him away so that they can train him to be a soldier
                                            1. He had the highest scores out of everyone in his Hitler Youth division
                                          3. Max Vandenburg
                                            1. He is a Jew hiding out in the Hubermann's basement
                                              1. His father was the man that saved Hans' life during WWI
                                              2. He is very small because he hasn't been able to eat much
                                                1. He gets very sick because of how cold it was in the basement
                                                  1. Liesel blames herself for this because she was the one who brought the snow into the basrment
                                                  2. His stomach can't digest a lot of food because of how malnourished he was
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