autobiographical memory

Alexandra Mouhsi
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Diploma/Certificado de qualificação profissional de nivel 3 DD303 Mind Map on autobiographical memory, created by Alexandra Mouhsi on 08/15/2013.

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autobiographical memory
1 The Working self
1.1 Goals hierachy
1.2 Self- concept
1.3 Retrieval mode
2 Function of AM
2.1 sense of self
2.2 Database of self
2.3 Integrate with others
2.4 Continuity of experiences
2.5 bind to reality
3 AM across the lifespan
3.1 Lifespan retrieval curve
3.1.1 1.Childhood amnesia
3.1.2 2.The reminiscence bump The Novelty hypothesis ( Rubin) The self-defining hypothesis ( Conway and Pleydell-Pearce)
3.1.3 3.Recency
4 Autobiographical knowledge
4.1 lifetime periods
4.1.1 Goal attainment
4.1.2 life story
4.1.3 schema
4.1.4 partonomic knowledge
5 episodic and semantic memory
5.1 recolective experience
6 Constructing AM
6.1 Generative retrieval
6.2 Direct retrieval
7.1 PTSD
7.1.1 Traumatic event
7.1.2 Response at time of trauma
7.1.3 Psychological symptoms Re- experiencing symptoms (also intrusive memories) Avoidance symptoms Amnesia as avoidance Hyperarousal symptoms
7.1.4 impact of symptoms
7.1.5 The nature of intrusive trauma memories
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