Forcasting cash flow

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Forcasting cash flow
1 Cash - notes,coins and money in the bank.
2 Cash flow - the flow of cash into and out of a business
3 Inflow- the cash into a business, its reciepts.
4 Outflow - the cash flowing out of a busines, its payments.
5 Net flow - the reciepts of a business minus its payments.
6 Insolvency - when a business can no longer pay its debts.
7 Cash flow forecast - a prediction of how cash will flow through a bsuiness in a a period of timein future.
8 Opening balance - the amount of money in a business at the start of a month.
9 Closing balance - the amount of money in a business at the end of he month.
10 Cumulative cashflow - the sum of cash that flows into a business over time.
11 Trade credit - when a supplier gives a customer a period of time to pay a bill (or invoice) for goods and sevices once they have been delivered.
12 Stocks - materials that a business holds. Some could be matrials waiting to be used in a production process and some could be finished stock waiting to be dilivered to customers.
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