The Indestructible American Flag

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Created by enelson252 about 6 years ago
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The Indestructible American Flag
1 The Indestructible American Flag will save Americans money over time.
1.1 Will be the right fit for any customer because we offer all flag sizes.
2 Whats more patriotic than an indestructable American Flag like our COUNTRY!!!
3 There no reasons why its a bad idea MERICA!!
4 Product Differentiation Characteristics:
4.1 The Indestructible American Flag cant be ripped, burned, or faded
4.1.1 The Indestructible American Flag comes with the option for customers to buy a flag pole with the flag The Indestructible American Flag gives a free flag to all veterans
5 Primary Target:
5.1 American Homeowners because there are more homes in the United States than any other building.
6 Secondary Target:
6.1 Schools (Public, Private, K-12, College) because all schools are required to have a American Flag raised somewhere on their property
7 Tertiary Target:
7.1 Public Areas (Government buildings and Parks, etc.) because they also have mandates to have an American Flag raised on their property
8 "An Indestructible American Flag!!! What more do you need!! Merica!"
9 Business Structure: Corporation

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