Media Studies

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Leaving Certificate English Mind Map on Media Studies, created by cian.buckley on 11/28/2012.

Created by cian.buckley almost 7 years ago
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English Language Techniques
Media Studies
1 Mass Media
1.1 Print Media
1.1.1 Broadsheet Newspapers
1.1.2 Tabloid Newspapers
1.1.3 Billboards
1.1.4 Posters
1.1.5 Magazines
1.2 Electronic Media
1.2.1 Television
1.2.2 Cinmea
1.2.3 Internet
1.2.4 Radio
1.2.5 USB key
2 Television
3 Newspapers
3.1 Broadsheets
3.1.1 'quality'
3.1.2 serious/in-depth reporting wide range of important issues
3.1.3 usually A2 size
3.1.4 tries to give facts without exaggerating
3.2 Tabloids
3.2.1 reports mostly on scandals gossip celebrities sport
3.2.2 sensational style
3.2.3 usually A3 size
3.2.4 simple, exaggerated language
3.2.5 slang
3.3 Front Pages
3.3.1 eye-catching
3.3.2 specific methods
3.3.3 Broadsheet Masthead name of paper black on white Lead article written in columns second front page story contents list banner headline for main article photo caption advertisment
3.3.4 Tabloid masthead red and white big headline dramatic and sensational more of page used for headlines in tabloid photo illustrate lead article lead article Text here

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