Networks and Communications Part A

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A-Level A2- ICT (Chapter 3- Networks and Communications) Mind Map on Networks and Communications Part A, created by Callum Douglas on 11/26/2014.

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Networks and Communications Part A
1 Local Area Network
1.1 This is in a local area geographically, such as in an office
1.2 Workstations with network cards or wireless connectivity
1.3 Connected via its own dedicated cables or wireless devices, they are owned by the company
1.4 Often has shared peripherals
2 Wide Area network
2.1 This is over a wide area geographically
2.2 External communication hardware is needed such as telephone lines, leased lines, mobile phone lines. These are used to connect the computers.
2.3 The internet is a WAN; computers are connected via external comm links and the information is shared through the WWW
2.3.1 This offers e-mail, internet and instant messaging
2.3.2 To connect to the internet, ISP's are needed.
2.4 Used in large organisations
2.4.1 Universities
2.4.2 ATM's
2.4.3 Large businesses with lots of offices
3 Virtual Network
3.1 These computers in a virtual network communicate as if they were a single LAN without knowing that they are in a bigger network
3.1.1 These computers in the VLAN cannot communicate with the others in the LAN if they are not part of the VLAN
3.2 These Virtual Networks can exist across multiple LAN's through a WAN or the internet
3.3 Data for virtual networks travelling through cables on a LAN do not affect the data from the LAN or other virtual networks
4 Connecting a LAN and WAN
4.1 Most LAN's are connected to a WAN meaning that those in a LAN can connect to others on a WAN
4.1.1 This is done using a router that connects LAN's to and external communication device such as Mobile lines
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