Networks and Communication Part C

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A-Level A2- ICT (Chapter 3- Networks and Communications) Mind Map on Networks and Communication Part C, created by Callum Douglas on 11/26/2014.

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Networks and Communication Part C
1 Client-Server Network
1.1 The clients are linked to the server and the server handles; File Storage, Backup, Application Sharing, Printer Management.
1.2 They are connected via a communication device.
1.3 Passwords are needed in order to gain access to the resources such as files and printers.
1.4 These users get a certain amount of storage space, the printers, files (these can be locked for certain users) and software on the server
1.5 The antivirus software is managed centrally which means that it is safer, although it does need specialist staff
2 Peer-to-peer Networks
2.1 A peer to peer network does not have a central server
2.2 Each of the computers have their own software installed on the computer
2.3 It is easier to set up and maintain for a user that does not have specialist help. This is why it is commonly found in homes and small offices.
2.4 In a peer to peer network there is no leader that acts as a server as there is no server role.
3 Advantage and Disadvantage
3.1 Advantage for Client-Based
3.1.1 Backups are made centrally so the users don't have to think about them
3.1.2 Antivirus software is taken care of centrally
3.1.3 There is more processing power available to the client as the network processing is done centrally
3.1.4 File sharing is available, as is sharing of resources such as printers and software
3.2 Disadvantage for Client-Based
3.2.1 If the server fails then all of the files are inaccessible
3.2.2 A specialist network manager is a necessity
3.2.3 There can be lots of network traffic if lots of applications are run from the server
3.2.4 The hardware is expensive
3.3 Advantage for Peer-to-Peer
3.3.1 There is no reliance on a server, only the resources on a particular computer are lost
3.3.2 This type of network can be set up by a non-specialist
3.3.3 No very expensive hardware neeeded
3.4 Disadvantages for Peer-to-Peer
3.4.1 The responsibility of backups and maintaining antivirus software is on the user
3.4.2 Processing is done by each client
3.4.3 Software needs to be installed on each computer
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