Religion and the Environment

Matthew Hemmins
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Matthew Hemmins
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Religion and the Environment
  1. Islam
    1. Khalifa or Stewardship
      1. Judgement
        1. Can go to Paradise
        2. Christianity
          1. Christian Aid
            1. Shallow Ecology
              1. Care because it effects poor people
                1. They deserve it least
                  1. Wind blows far away
                2. A Rocha
                  1. Deep Ecology
                    1. Care for all of Gods creations
                    2. Portugal
                    3. Dominion and Stewarship
                      1. Care for Animals
                        1. Rule over animals
                          1. God gave us both powers
                          2. Judgement Day
                            1. You will be judged by your actions towards other creatures and you will be taken to Heaven or Hell
                          3. Bhuddism
                            1. Care for every creation
                              1. Will be judged in the next life
                              2. 8 Fold path
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