My journey on music

Philippe  Lebois
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Philippe  Lebois
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It is in English beacause it is for my English class

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My journey on music
  1. First I started listening to electro and dubstep
    1. Note that this was the longest time I listened (mostly) to the same genre until 2017 (December)
    2. Then I was pretty sad so I started listening to artists like Shiloh and prxz
      1. I don’t really know what gender it is
        1. It was my most listened until 2018 (August)
      2. It’s about how I’ve switched my mind in music through my life
        1. Note that I’ve never hated a genre I am just talking about the ones that I was listening to most of my free time
        2. One day I was adding song to my “depressive songs” playlist and in recommended I found LoFi
          1. Note that till this day it still it’s my favorite gender
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