theories of language learning

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figure out how language shape learning by conscious learning and by constructivism theory of learning, we can call it embedded learning

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theories of language learning
1 Constructivism
1.1 it´s a belieft about
1.1.1 larning process start from the idea that social enviroment as a primary source of knowledge embbebed in the culture shape in turns by -Help us to figure out the roles of teacher focus it attention in student learns by primary source of knowledge culture secondary source conscious reasoning higher mental abilities mediated by language percepcion sensorial this takes us to the role of the language to communicate, to verbalise dualistic approach Self interpretation, objectivity, literal meaning language in use, context, discourse, registries, subjetivity semiotica sign morphology signified phonology signifier semantic allow connection and relationship among functions, allowing in turns communications at any new stage allow develoment of mental structures and conceptual system of interconnections generate new possibilities of actions help to feedback the conceptual system gain better social skills. metacognitive skills enviroment student