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Ear Anatomy Mind Map


freshman college Medical Terminology Mind Map on Ear Anatomy Mind Map, created by freerein on 11/29/2014.
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Ear Anatomy Mind Map
  1. Middle
    1. Cochlear
      1. Tympanic Cavity
        1. Ossicles
          1. Malleus
            1. hammer
            2. Incus
              1. anvil
              2. Stapes
                1. stirrup
          2. eardrum, tympanum
            1. Function
              1. sound causes structures to vibrate and be amplified, turning air into fluid
              2. Inner
                1. Oval Window
                  1. connects middle and inner ear
                    1. Vestibular System
                      1. semicircular canals
                        1. Attachments:

                        2. vestibule
                          1. cochlear
                    2. Eustachion tube
                      1. connects middle ear to pharynx
                        1. equalizes air pressure on ear drum
                      2. Outer
                        1. Auricle, Tinna
                          1. ear canal, external auditory canal
                            1. produces cerumen
                          2. Function
                            1. direct sound waves toward inner ear
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