Collapse of Liberal Italy & Rise of Fascism 1915-22

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Collapse of Liberal Italy & Rise of Fascism 1915-22
1 Most Italians content with neutrality. Salandra (pm) unsure. Promised Italian Irredenta by the Entente.
2 1915 war hailed by nationalists but southern peasants doing most of fighting. Caporetto 700,000 retreated 300,000 taken prisoner. Vittorio Veneto success against Austria. Armistice signed 3rd Nov 1918
3 600,000 men killed. Inflation and fall of wages increased hardship. Socialist threat increased 1917 Russian Revolution. 1919 elections Socialists won 1/3 votes. Became largest party in Parliament
4 Mutilated Victory = Treaty of St Germain Italy refused Fiume (not promised in Treaty of London). Seizure of Fiume, D'Annuzio led 200 men into city. No action by govt for a year.
5 March 1919 1st meeting of Fasci di Combattimento led by Mussolini
6 PM Nitti too reliant on PPI for majority.
7 Middle classes began to fight back against socialism. Started to support Mussolini as answer to socialist threat. November 1920 Fascist violence began continued into 1921. 200 dead 800 wounded. 800 trade unions destroyed. Mussolini sought to reassert power over Squadristi
8 May 1921 Cooperation between Liberals + Fascists. Mussolini now a deputy. Giolitti unable to maintain stability as Liberals divided. 3 Govts May 1921. October 1922 unable to cope with industrial action.
9 Fascist Party formed Oct 1921. Mussolini tries to win over Catholics + Conservatives. Drops anti-clericalism etc. Fascists presented as defenders of law and order
10 March on Rome October 1922 began to organise a coup for 27th. Mussolini asked to be PM by King 29th Oct. Turned into victory march.

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