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1 What is a network?
1.1 A network is an interconnected collection of computers
2 Types of Networks?
2.1 LAN- Local Area Network
2.2 WAN- Wide Area Network
2.3 MAN- Metropolitan Area Network
3 What is a topology?
3.1 The arrangement of computers in a network.
3.2 Examples of topologies
3.2.1 Star Pro: If one system breaks, it does not effect the network Con: it is dependent of the central computer, and wiring is expensive.
3.2.2 Ring Pros: Easy to access/transmit data. Doesn't require server and works better than a star. Cons: One malfunctioning node can stop the whole network. It is slower than Ethernet too. Moving, adding, and changing devices can be straining.
3.2.3 Bus Pros: If one node fails, the others are not affected. Simple and easy to set up. Cons: If the cable malfunctions, the network goes down. Cables and number of nodes are limited.
3.2.4 Hierarchial Cons: If one node fails, the others fail as well Pros: Data can be easily shared as all nodes are interconnected to one another.
4 Parts of a Network
4.1 Cables
4.2 Connectors
4.3 Network Software
4.4 Network Interface Card
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