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  1. Sheridan starts off as a confident freshman with a love for fashion and acting.
    1. After a new girl, Octavia comes into her algebra class, her confidence goes down because she thinks the girl is much better than her.
      1. Later, Octavia becomes best friends with Sheridan's best friend, which makes her feel insecure and jealous
        1. Sheridan decides to tryout for the lead role in the school's play, but when she finds out that Octavia is trying out for the play too, she starts to doubt her chances of getting the role.
          1. Later she finds out that Octavia got the lead role and she got the understudy. This makes Sheridan very sad.
            1. Sheridan's confidence gets boosted when she meets a guy named Duffy, because she thinks he likes her. They become good friends.
              1. Her confidence goes up even more when she finds out that Octavia likes Duffy, but Duffy doesn't like her back.
                1. Lastly, she becomes very happy when her best friend stops being friends with Octavia and goes back to being her best friend. Octavia doesn't make Sheridan feel insecure anymore.
                  1. By the end of the book, Sheridan goes back to being her confident, dramatic, and stylish self.
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