Living Space

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Living Space
  1. Imtiaz Dharker
    1. Title
      1. It is not a home, just a 'space'
        1. Ironic as there is little space in these shacks
        2. Context
          1. Other ID poems represent different cultures
            1. ID was born in Pakistan but raised in Scotland
            2. Structure
              1. 3 stanzas
                1. Opens with sarcasm
                  1. Small middle stanza as if it has been squeezed in
                    1. Final stanza centres around her admiration for the people
                      1. Mixed match line length with enjambement make the poem feel like the mixed matched slums
                      2. 'leans dangerously towards the miraculous
                        1. Implies her admiration and astonishment at the structure
                        2. 'Nothing is flat or parallel'
                          1. Contrast between the western world's buildings
                          2. 'Nails clutch at open seams.'
                            1. The nails are all that hold it together and could break at any minute
                            2. 'squeezed'
                              1. Just about making enough to live from
                              2. 'slanted universe'
                                1. The slanted shanty town is all they will ever know
                                  1. Metaphor for their unequal society and the inequality of the rich and poor
                                  2. 'Gathering light'
                                    1. Symbol of hope
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