OCR Gateway B1 Fitness and Health

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OCR Gateway B1 Fitness and Health
1 Fitness is the ability to do physical activity. Healthy is being free from diseases
1.1 General fitness measured by cardiovascular efficiency.
1.1.1 Ways of measuring fitness: Strength: amount of weights lifted Flexibility: amount of joint movement Stamina: How long you can do exercise Ability: changing directions many times Speed: sprint race
2 Blood Pressure
2.1 Measure in mmHg
2.1.1 Diastolic pressure (lowest num): heart relaxes
2.1.2 Systolic pressure (highest num): heart contacts
2.2 High blood pressure caused by: overweight, alcohol intake, stress, smoking
2.2.1 Decreased by regular exercise and balanced diet
2.2.2 High blood pressure bursts blood vessels Damage caused to the brain (stroke), heart attack and kidneys
2.3 Low blood pressure: poor circulation of oxygen around the body
2.3.1 Body feels dizzy and end up fainting
2.4 Blood in arteries is under pressure due to:
2.4.1 Contraction of heart muscles, so that blood reaches all parts of the body
2.5 Smoking
2.5.1 Increases blood pressure: Nicotine (in cigarette smoke) Increases heart rate Carbon Monoxide (in cigarette smoke) Cause blood to carry less oxygen, which result in heart rate increase, tissues receive enough oxygen OR blood carrying less oxygen combines with HAEMOGLOBIN stopping it from combining with oxygen, so less oxygen is carried
3 Diet and Heart disease
3.1 Increase the risk of heart disease:
3.1.1 Saturated fat---->build up of cholesterol (plaque) in arteries Cholesterol build up indicates heart disease Plaque narrows arteries---> reduce blood flow Plaque make thrombosis (blood clots) ---> block arteries
3.1.2 High level salt --->increases blood pressure
3.1.3 Smoking and high blood pressure
3.2 Heart disease: caused by restricted blood flow to heart muscles
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