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Animal Farm: Napoleon


Year 10 English (Animal Farm) Mind Map on Animal Farm: Napoleon, created by Sarah Stanley on 04/03/2019.
Sarah Stanley
Mind Map by Sarah Stanley, updated more than 1 year ago
Sarah Stanley
Created by Sarah Stanley over 3 years ago

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Animal Farm: Napoleon
  1. Selfish
    1. He constantly places himself before others
      1. "Reputation for getting his own way"
      2. He sees himself as better than the other animals
        1. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
          1. Believes that he doesn’t have to work like the rest because of his superiority
        2. He changes the Seven amendments of Animalism to benefit himself
          1. Changes "No animal shall drink alcohol" to "No animal shall drink alcohol in excess amounts"
            1. Knows that the other animals will not be able to easily detect the changes
              1. Shows how easily he is able to forget the ideals of Animalism he once made, and followed.
            2. Criticises Snowballs plans for the Windmill
              1. Later takes them himself, and happily takes full credit for the idea
            3. Corrupt
              1. Excludes everyone else when deciding who would be the President of Animal Farm
                1. "There was only one candidate, Napoleon"
                2. Napoleon uses the animals lack of intelligence to benefit himself
                  1. increasing the pigs human behaviour
                    1. Wearing Clothing
                      1. Drinking Alcohol
                        1. Taking part in trade
                          1. Residing in Jones' house
                        2. He also distorts him image via the use of Propaganda, spread by Squealer
                          1. Makes himself appear as a Hero
                            1. Makes Squealer appear as a traitor
                            2. Gets rid of Sunday meetings
                              1. Takes away freedom of speech
                                1. Rids the animals of the little power they once had
                                  1. Makes them especially vulnerable to Propaganda
                                  2. Makes it nearly impossible for the other animals to challenge his rules
                                2. Ruthless
                                  1. "A pile of corpses lying before Napoleon’s feet"
                                    1. The trials in Chapter 7
                                    2. Napoleons ruthless attitude and motivation to get his own way, refers to Stalin
                                      1. Stalin drifted from the original principles, to his own form of rules
                                        1. The Seven Commandments being changed
                                      2. Napoleon doesn’t care about the well-being of the other animals
                                        1. Adopts Jessie and Bluebells puppies to train them so they could join his ‘army’ and benefit him
                                          1. "Napoleon took them away from their mothers, saying that he would make himself responsible for their education."
                                            1. They reappear later to throw out Snowball
                                              1. "Nine enormous dogs"
                                        2. Reference to Joseph Stalin
                                          1. Stalin means ‘Man of Steel’, which is what Napoleon can be interpreted as.
                                            1. Stalin was responsible for the death of 22 Million
                                              1. Napoleon kills the animals in the trials
                                                1. Claiming they ‘committed a crime and deserved to be punished’
                                                  1. More likely he was killing for entertainment
                                              2. Stalin was power hungry
                                                1. Would get rid of the opposition to assure he got it
                                                  1. Similar to how Napoleon threw out Snowball and tried to get rid of Boxer
                                                2. Stalin created ‘The Ministry of Power’
                                                  1. Napoleons pack of 9 dogs
                                                  2. The Windmill
                                                    1. Reference to ‘Stalin’s Five Year Plan
                                                      1. He tried to dramatically improve restructure industry and agriculture
                                                        1. Demanding productivity targets were set
                                                          1. If they were not met, they would be blamed on treachery and sabotage
                                                          2. ‘Animal Hero First Class’ and ‘Animal Hero Second Class’ are references to “Rise of the Cult of the Worker Hero”
                                                            1. Praised those who followed the productivity rules and exceeded beyond expectations
                                                        2. Controlled the information/media that was being spread around
                                                          1. Falsely reported on the productivity in an attempt to make their workers, work harder.
                                                            1. Many workers die due to over-exertion, fatigue and starvation.
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