The Coming o Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey

Sherin Awad
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The Coming o Yams and Mangoes and Mountain Honey
1 Language Devices
1.1 Rhyme
1.1.1 "papaw" and "mascaw" in lines 8 and 9. This is in order to add a positive rhythmto the poem
1.2 Metaphor
1.2.1 "Carubbean hills have moved" Introducing new tastes to the British society
1.2.2 Mango soaked in sunshine" Creates imagery
1.3 Simile
1.3.1 "Congo-peas like warny pearls" "Pearls" connotate beauty and wealth Gives value to food- richness
1.4 Use of Colours
1.4.1 Shows a positive celebratative tone which are connotations of food festivals where cultures come together to enjoy eachothers dishes "green football" "fleshy green" "Big Brown O's" "Black Molasses"
2 About the Poet
2.1 Berry's writing often "explores the relationship between black and white communities
2.2 James Berry is a Jamaican poet who settled in England in the 1940s
2.3 His works also evoke the Carabian immigrants views towards Britain and British Society
3 About the Poem
3.1 Berry shows contrast in a very discreet manner
3.1.1 "Breadfruit a green football" Constrasts the Caribbean's love for food and England's love for football. This brings the cultures together which is what the whole poem is about.
4 Structure
4.1 The poem is written in 12 stanza with 45 lines
4.1.1 The lack of sturcture could be an implication of the ability to eat whatever and whereever you want
5 Analysis
5.1 Repetition of "Caribbean hills have moved and come"
5.2 "Red buses pass for donkeys now"
6 Tone
6.1 Throughout the poem, the tone is very positive however there is an obvious change in tone in lines 42 and 43.
6.1.1 This could be because
7 Alliteration and Unpredictible Collocation
7.1 "Handful Hold Hidden Sunset
7.1.1 The unpredictible collocation doesn''t sound right, this puts an emphasis on the contrast of the two countries that have similarities however they have their own specialities
7.2 COLLOCATION: sequence of words or two words that often go together
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