The battle of the Somme

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The battle of the Somme.

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The battle of the Somme
1 Weapons
1.1 Many shells failed to explode on the German line
1.2 1.73 million bombs were dropped on the German trenches and 1/3 of them did not work
1.3 Bayonets
1.4 Chiefly used as a psychological weapon
1.5 Flamethrowers
1.6 Grenades
1.7 Mills Bombs and Jam Pots (both forms of grenades)
1.8 Machine Guns
1.9 Pistols (The officer's weapon)
1.10 Poison Gas
1.11 Rifles
1.12 Tanks (only in the last few months)
1.13 Trench Mortars
1.14 Light and Heavy Artillery
2 Dates
2.1 Started: 1st July 1916
2.2 Ended: 18th of November 1916
2.3 Introduction of tanks: 15th September 1916
2.4 8 days of British artillery bombardment before the battle officially started.
3 Causes
3.1 The operation of the battle of the somme was anishaly coreated to releave some of the preshuers of the battle of vredan (the major battle at that time of the great war)
3.2 The French preshureised the British into launching the battle earlier that antisapated, due to their claim that they could not hold off the German line for much longer, leading to a break in the Allied front line.
4 Outcome
4.1 German Army withdraws 40 miles to the Hindenburg Line.
4.2 The Allied trupes won this battle
5 Satistecs
5.1 100,000 British soldiers joined the battle. By the end of the day, there were 58,000 casualties, including 19,000 dead.
5.2 60,000 British soldiers climbed out of their trenches and began to move across No Man’s Land. Within 1 hour, over half of these men were dead or wounded.
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