Walden Chapter 18: Conclusion

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Walden Chapter 18: Conclusion
1 Thoreau's Beliefs
1.1 Thoreau beleives that the universe is a wide place with a lot of things to do, and no man should be tied down.
1.2 He encourages people to explore their inner thoughts.
1.3 A person must rely on themselves to live the greatets life.
1.4 Life is unpredictable and anything could happen at any moment.
2 Views on Society
2.1 Thoreau says a person must not oppose society, but should obey the laws of one's own being.
2.2 He says poverty is actually good because it prevents a person from indulging in society's ways.
3 Thoreau's reason for leaving was to follow his own impulses (basically he left because he got tired and wanted to leave.)
3.1 He says you should follow your passion just like he did he followed his passion and left to continue on with his life.
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