Character Kite Runner Mindmap Sanaubar

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Character Kite Runner Mindmap Sanaubar
1 Before
1.1 Relationship with Hassan
1.1.1 Gave birth to him "one cold winter day in 1964" Leaves 5 days later
1.1.2 "Hassan never talked about his mother, as if she never existed"
1.2 Rumours
1.2.1 "ran off with a clan of travelling singers and dancers" "A fate most Afghans considered far worse than death"
1.2.2 Soldiers "I took her from behind by that creek over that" "I knew your mother, did you know that? I knew her real good"
1.2.3 "I'm told no one was really surprised when Sanaubar eloped"
1.3 Physical Description
1.3.1 "Brilliant green eyes"
1.3.2 "impish face" "tempted countless men into sin"
1.3.3 "Beautiful"
1.3.4 "Suggestive stride and oscillating hips"
1.3.5 "She had a dimpled smile and a walk that drove men crazy" -Rahim Khan
1.3.6 "No one that passed her on the street, be it man or woman, could look at her only once" -Rahim Khan
1.4 Reputation
1.4.1 "Notoriously unscrupulous"
1.4.2 "lived up to her dishonorable reputation"
1.5 Relationship With Ali
1.5.1 First Cousins
1.5.2 Arranged marriage Bring back honour to her family
2 After
2.1 Physical Description
2.1.1 "Toothless woman with stringy grey hair"
2.1.2 "Sores on her arms"
2.1.3 "Looked like she hadn't eaten for days"
2.1.4 "the worst of it by far was her face" "Someone had taken a knife to it" "One of the cuts went from cheek bone to hairline and it had not spared her left eye on the way"
2.2 Relationship with Hassan
2.2.1 First thing she says after coming round- "Where is Hassan?"
2.2.2 "I have walked long and far to see if you are as beautiful in the flesh as you are in my dreams. And you are. Even more.
2.2.3 She says to Hassan "Smile for me please" Hassan did and the old woman wept" "You smiled coming out of me did anyone ever tell you? And I wouldn't even hold you. Allah forgive me, I wouldn't even hold you"

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