Contexts in the Kite Runner

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The history of behind the kite runner

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Contexts in the Kite Runner
  1. 1933-1973- Afghan monarchy ruled by King Zahir Shah


    • Baba was born in 1933.  Amir born in 1964
    1. July 17, 1973- Mohammed Khan peacefully seized power to become the President and Prime Minister


      • "...suddenly Afghanistan changes forever."- chapter 5 "...a way of life had ended. Our way of life."- chapter 5
      • The idea of family betrayal. A foreshadowing of the events to come. "Do you want to go climb our tree?"- chapter 5 (shows childhood innocence. the events of last night were easily forgotten.)
      1. April 27 1978- republic overthrown by PDPA a communist party


        • The PDPA instituted many political and social reforms in Afghanistan, including abolishing religious and traditional customs. Fractions that did not agree with these reforms began to challenge the government that in 1979, the Soviet Army entered Afghanistan.
        1. 1979- 89- Soviet Invasion


          • 1981- Baba and Amir escape from Afhganistan"You couldn't trust anyone in Kabul anymore- for a fee or under threat, people told on each other, neighbor on neighbor, child on parent..."-Chapter 10 1988- Amir finishes his first novel in America 189- Amir's book is published against a background of global turmoil e.g.: end of cold war, fall of the berlin wall, withdrawal of Russians from Afghanistan.
          1. 1996- Taliban take over


            • a group of Pashtun supremacists. they were a welcomed change as people hoped for peace. e.g.: "people were celebrating...greeting the Taliban in the streets, climbing their tanks..."Rahim Khan chapter 15 "They were heroes" Rahim Khan Chapter 15 But later on a lot of fear was associated with the Taliban e.g.: "Keep your eyes on your feet when the Taliban are near."  
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