Orchestras: How to create classic music forthe masses (by Gerardo Muñoz)

Gerardo Muñoz
Mind Map by Gerardo Muñoz, updated more than 1 year ago
Gerardo Muñoz
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Based on Insead Business School article A Maestro without Borders: How André Rieu Created the Classical Music Marget for the Masses. Mind Map by Gerardo Muñoz Alarcón

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Orchestras: How to create classic music forthe masses (by Gerardo Muñoz)
  1. Aging Audiences
    1. Increase exposure with younger people
      1. Adapt to new times and generations
        1. Bring Joy and freedom
          1. Speak to the heart
            1. Family firendly
            2. Live Performance Format
              1. make environment more fiendly and interactive
                1. Remove constraints and burden
                2. Leverage audio technology
                  1. Different scenario sizes
                    1. Add visual content and other effects
                    2. Classical Music
                      1. Make known music waltzable
                        1. Shorten classic pieces
                          1. Mix playlist with other themes
                          2. Revenue, Cost and ROI
                            1. Reduce # of orchestra members
                              1. Keep production cost low
                                1. Leverage global tours
                                  1. Invite low cost young music genius
                                    1. Reduce music complexity
                                    2. Channels and additional revenue streams
                                      1. DVDs
                                        1. CDs
                                          1. Movies
                                            1. Merchandise and souveniers
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