Major nutrients

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Year 11 Health and Human Development (Nutrients) Mind Map on Major nutrients, created by Cailin Pearce on 05/06/2019.

Cailin Pearce
Created by Cailin Pearce 3 months ago
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Major nutrients
1 Sodium
1.1 It plays a role in the regulation of fluids from the body, including water and blood.
1.2 Sources of sodium
1.2.1 Table salt
1.2.2 Olives
1.2.3 Fish
1.2.4 Meats such as pork
1.2.5 Cheese
1.2.6 Many processed foods such as tomato sauce, packet soups, canned vegetables, pizza, and pies.
2 Fibre
2.1 Provides a feeling of fullness and initiate regular bowel movements (decreasing the likelihood of constipation)
2.2 Sources of fibre
2.2.1 Bran
2.2.2 Wholemeal bread
2.2.3 Grains and seeds
2.2.4 Fruit and vegetables (excellent sources include raspberries, apples, bananas, oranges, potatoes, broccoli, and corn)
3 Calcium
3.1 Sources of calcium
3.1.1 Milk and milk products
3.1.2 Dark green leafy vegetables
3.1.3 Salmon
3.1.4 Fortified foods such as breads and cereals
3.2 Required for the building of bone and other hard tissues (such as teeth and cartilage)
4 Protein
4.1 To build, maintain and repair body cells and to produce energy for the body
4.2 Sources of protein
4.2.1 eggs, milk, cheese, and other dairy products (except cream)
4.2.2 Beef, chicken and other poultry
4.2.3 Fish and seafood
4.2.4 soy products (tofu and soy milk)
4.2.5 Legumes, nuts, wholegrain cereals, and brown rice.
5 Water
5.1 Sources of water
5.1.1 Watermelon
5.1.2 Apple
5.1.3 Orange
5.1.4 Tomato
5.1.5 Celery
5.1.6 Pineapple
5.1.7 Lettuce
5.1.8 Cucumber
5.1.9 Carrot
5.2 To act as a medium for all chemical reactions required to provide energy and as a key component of many cells, tissues, blood and systems. Can also assist in weight management.

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