What Resulted From European Interest in North America?


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What Resulted From European Interest in North America?
  1. Exploration
    1. King
      1. Explorers
        1. Land
          1. People
            1. Trading
              1. Alliance
                1. Colonization
                  1. Jobs
                    1. Money
                      1. Better Economy
              2. Small Farms for Crops.
        2. John Cabot
          1. Cod
            1. Made a lot of money from people selling cod
          2. Samuel De Champlain
            1. Made Allies With the Algonquin and Inu
              1. Easier Fur Trading with First nations
          3. Government
            1. King
              1. Sent People To Create Hierarchy
                1. Order in Hierarchy
                  1. Control over Citizens
                    1. Citizens pay fees to the government sometimes in crops
                  2. Government Advisors
                  3. Appoints Governor General, Intendant , and Bishop
                2. Working Relationships
                  1. Bring Women to have relationships with the first nations
                    1. Gives a stable trading method
                    2. More Families With Businesses
                      1. Increases the economy , trading , and resources within north america
                        1. Faster Manufactured Goods Production
                          1. Large Businesses
                          2. Needed More families
                            1. Business Increasement In North America
                              1. More Jobs Occupied
                            2. Resources
                              1. Finding Resources and Trade Posts
                                1. More Fur Trading = More Connections
                                  1. Better Economy
                                2. Trade manufactured goods for fur
                                  1. Small Crop Field Farmers
                                    1. Traded Crops For Goods
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