RCT foundations ch. 1

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RCT foundations ch. 1
1 Mutual psyc. develop. within relationships
1.1 Differences of power difficult connections
1.2 Disconections block psychological growth


  • Mutual engagement and empathy, sources of growth.
1.3 Central organising feature of women's develop.
1.3.1 Inner sense of connection to others
1.4 Leadership
1.4.1 When a person engages with others to foster their psych. develop. Power to empower others
2 Cultural/theorical bias
2.1 Separation allows self-defenition


  • Self-sufficiency is goal of development Sense of self starts in individual. Chidren has to separate from mothers early on.
2.1.1 Independence marks maturity, not connection


  • Individual has to be able of controlled emotional expression, otherwise hysterical. Is there a strong relationship between building up connections and emotional expression? As more authentic our emotional expression, better connections and empathy with others.
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