Additional member system AMS

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Additional member system AMS
1 Additional member system is a hybrid system of both majoritarian and proportional elements.
1.1 Voters mark an "X" next to the candidate they would like to represent their constituency (FPTP) and proportional representation where voters elect candidates from several parties to represent them at a regional level.
2 Advantages
2.1 At least one effective vote so votes less likely to be wasted
2.2 Extends voter choice
2.2.1 The number of votes a party gains is reflected on the amount of seats they are given ( proportional represenation). Eliminates safe seats -> may encourage some people to vote Proportional representation allows smaller parties to gain seats and representation in parliament Coalitions are more likely- this may be a benefit because coalitions collide two parties therefore may be more representative Avoids situation where few marginal seats control the whole result
3 Disadvantages
3.1 Voter confusion - more complex method of allocating seats, takes a longer time to calculate so longer waiting time
3.1.1 The system of allocating seats is complex and many will not understand what is happening to their votes. Proportional representation gives area more than one representative ( this may lead to constituents being confused about who their constituency MP's and regional MP's ) -------> weak MP and constituent link Coalition governments may be less stable than majority government- if the government disagree and are divided over certain issues the government will fail Smaller parties holding the balance of power between two larger parties Extremist parties have more of a chance to gain seats then under FPTP Accountability maybe lost in a coalition where the smaller party is dictating however the larger party takes responsibility
3.2 Unrepresentative political party activists deciding who goes on the list
4 Used in the Scottish parliament, Welsh assembly, greater London assembly
4.1 Some AMS systems use a threshold- (percentage of the vote a party must gain to win any seats
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