Cells and Organelles

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Cells and Organelles
1 Eukaryote
1.1 Complex
1.2 All animal and plant cells
1.3 Linear DNA
1.4 Large ribosomes
2 Prokaryote
2.1 Circular DNA
2.2 No nucleus
2.3 No mitochondria
2.4 Small ribosomes
3 Organelles
3.1 Vesicle; fluid filled sac
3.2 Nucleus; surrounded by a nuclear envelope with many pores
3.3 Ribosome: attached to the RER
3.4 ER: membranes enclosing a fluid filled space.
3.5 Golgi apparatus: fluid filled flattened sacs.
3.6 Centriole: hollow cylanders with a ring of microtubules
3.7 Mitochondrian: double membrane, contains enzymes involved in respiration.
4 Protein transport
4.1 1. Proteins are made in the ribosomes and are excreted or attached to the cell membrane.
4.2 2. New Proteins that are made at the RER are folded and processed in the RER.
4.3 3. These are then transported to the golgi apparatuse in vesicles where they are further processed and enter more vesicles to be transported around the cell.
5 Cell cyle and Mitosis
5.1 Cell cycle used to grow and divide.
5.1.1 2 parts; interphase and mitosis.
5.2 Mitosis needed for growth, repair and asexual reporduction.
5.3 INTERPHASE: DNA unravelled and replicated. DNA content doubles. Organelles replicated. ATP increased.
5.4 PROPHASE: Chromosomes condense. Centrioles move to opposite ends. nuclear envelope breaks down. Spindle starts to form.
5.5 METAPHASE: Chromosomes line up and attcahed to spindle by centromere.
5.6 ANAPHASE: Centromeres divide and spindles contract.
5.7 TELOPHASE: Chromatids reach the opposite poles and uncoil. Nuclear envelope starts to form and cytoplasm deivides.
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