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Frankenstein research
1 Shelley's biography
1.1 Born in 1797
1.2 Mother and father were both writers - Father had revolutionary ideas and mother was a feminist
1.3 Mother died days after giving birth to her
1.4 Met Percy Shelley in 1812 who was married - Harriet
1.5 Mary and Percy ran off to France in 1814 and Mary had his child in 1815 - Died after 12 days
1.6 Harriet drowned herself in 1816 and Mary and Percy married - Public outrage
1.7 Her second son, William, died in 1821, aged 3
1.8 Published Frankenstein when she was 20 (1818)
1.9 Percy drowned in 1822
1.10 Died in 1851
2 Prometheus
2.1 Story
2.1.1 1. Man was his favourite life on Earth - Made him stand upright like the Gods and gave him fire
2.1.2 2. Prometheus tricked Zeus into choosing a bad sacrifice (Bones wrapped in fat over good meat hidden the hide)
2.1.3 3. To punish Prometheus, Zeus took fire away from man, but Prometheus lit a torch from the sun and gave it back to man
2.1.4 4. Made Zeus really angry and he decided to punish Prometheus and man greatly
2.1.5 5. Created a mortal of great beauty but with a deceptive heart and a lying tongue - Pandora, the first woman. Gave her a box she wasn't allowed to open and placed her with men
2.1.6 6. Pandora opened the box and released evil, sorrows, plagues, misfortunes and hope
2.1.7 7. Prometheus was chained to the Caucasus Mountains and all day and night an eagle would tear away at him
2.1.8 8. The only way he could be released is if an immortal being died for him and a mortal killed the eagle or is Prometheus told Zeus who would mother the child who would eventually dethrone Zeus.
2.1.9 9. Eventually Chiron the Centaur died for him and Hercules killed the eagle
2.2 Given task of creating man
2.2.1 Shaped him out of mud
2.3 Best known as the benefactor who bought fire to mankind
2.4 Titan - Not sent to Tartarus because he didn't fight with the other titans
2.5 Name signifies 'forethought'
3 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' - Colridge
3.1 1798
3.2 Poem
3.3 The experiences of a sailor who has returned from a long sea voyage
3.3.1 Told to a wedding guest who becomes a "sadder and a wiser man"
3.4 Going to Antactica
3.5 All of the crew members die apart from the Mariner
3.6 The pilot who finds the ship thinks the Mariner is the devil
4 'Paradise Lost' - Milton
4.1 1667
4.2 Characters
4.2.1 Devil
4.2.2 Son of God
4.2.3 God
4.2.4 Eve
4.2.5 Adam
4.2.6 Rapheal
4.2.7 Michael
4.3 About the Biblical story of the 'Fall of Man'
4.3.1 The temptation of Adam and Eve by Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden
4.4 Separated into 12 books
4.5 Poem
4.6 Two main narrative arcs
4.6.1 Lucifer just after he fell from heaven
4.6.2 Adam and Eve's temptation
5 The sublime
5.1 Mr. Pidgeon's presentation in 'Wuthering Heights' section
5.3 Something that can provoke extreme emotions
5.3.1 Terror
5.3.2 Pain
5.3.3 Awe
6 Romanticism
6.1 A reaction to the industrial revolution
6.2 Reverence for the natural world
6.3 Physical and emotional passion
6.4 Interest in the mystic and supernatural
6.5 Lord Byron
6.6 John Keats
6.7 Samuel Taylor Colridge
6.11 18th century
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