Section A, Chapter 1 Biology IGCSE

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Section A, Chapter 1 Biology IGCSE
1 Plants
1.1 Are multicellular
1.2 They have chloroplasts
1.3 Their cells have cell walls, made of cellulose
1.4 Plants store carbohydrates as sucrose or starch.
2 Animals
2.1 Multicellular
2.2 Don't have chloroplast so they can't photosynthesise
2.3 Most have some kind of nervous coordination
2.4 Move from one place to another
2.5 store carbohydrates as glycogen
3 Fungi
3.1 Can be single celled
3.2 Some have a body called mycelium


  • Their body mycelium is made up of hyphae, thread like structures containing lots of nuclei
3.3 Can't Photosynthesise
3.4 Feed by saprotrophic nutrition


  • Meaning they secrete extracellular enzymes which digest food on the outside of the cell and absorb nutrients
3.5 Store carbohydrates as glycogen
4 Protoctists
4.1 single-celled and microscopic
4.2 some have chloroplasts
5 Bacteria
5.1 single-celled and microscopic
5.2 don't have a nucleus
5.3 have a circular choromsome of DNA
5.4 Most bacteria feed offf other organisms
6 Virus
6.1 very small, smaller than bacteria
6.2 Only reproduce in living cells


  • The fact that they can do this makes them PARASITES
6.3 infect all other types of organisms
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