USA and Vietnam (1964-1975) Part 6

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USA and Vietnam (1964-1975) Part 6
1 Paris Peace Conference and US Withdrawal, 1973-1975
1.1 Peace agreement included
1.1.1 US Armed forces completely withdraw from Vietnam
1.1.2 US Prisoners of War released
1.1.3 N Vietnam recognised the government of S Vietnam
1.1.4 Elections would be held in the future to see if Vietnam could be reunited again
1.1.5 The NVA could stay in areas of S Vietnam that it occupied at the time of the ceasefire
1.2 More successful for N Vietnam as they managed to remove the US, and the ceasefire gave them time to rebuild their army and prepare to take back the South in the future
1.3 To the US and Henry Kissinger (Secretary of State), the war over and ther ewas just urgency to bring the troops home
1.4 By April 1973 all US troops had left and only a small number of advisers remained - 600 prisoners had been released
1.4.1 US Believed there was more POWs than this
1.5 In 1974 the fighting between N & S restarted but the S was not helped by the US - Congress passed law preventing the bombing of targets by the US, the amount of financial support was also limited
1.5.1 The N was able to take advanatage of this almost complete withdrawal
2 Fall of Saigon, 1975
2.1 North Vietnam continued its offensive into S Vietnam; and attacked from the North, Cambodia and Laos, even though this was against the 1973 agreement
2.2 Major cities fell with little resistance, with the three pronged attacked splitting ARVN forces - peopel fled south to Saigon thinking it was safer; this was known as the 'convoy of tears' and further demoralised the Vietnamese
2.3 By the end of 1975 Saigon fell to the communists, some stayed to greet the NVA but most fled by road, sea and air if they were rich
2.4 The remaining US officials were air lifted by helicopters from the roof of the US Embassy
3 The Vietnam War today
3.1 57,000 troops died and 300,000 were injured
3.2 Men who fought feel they haven't got enough recognition for fighting for their country
3.3 Almost 4 million Vietnamese people were killed or injured during the war
3.4 Much of Vietnam's resources and terrain were lost due to the bombing and chemical warfare
3.5 There are clear signs of recovery, with Vietnam being popular with tourist destination for westerners, despite it being communist
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