Case Study- Colorado River and Hoover Dam

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Case Study- Colorado River and Hoover Dam
1 General
1.1 Supplies water for 30 million people.
1.2 Supplies power for 1.3 million.
1.3 Dead pool- this causes the water to not be able to pass through the turbines to generate power.
2 Drawbacks
2.1 There are serious health and safety issues like lead contamination and overexposure to chromium.
2.2 The cost of it came to $750 million.
2.3 Water levels will decline 20-25% in a century.
2.4 112 deaths since the construction.
2.5 Precipitation decline and more people will make water management harder.
2.6 Fish are becoming endangered.
2.7 There are terrorist threats.
2.8 It disrupts the natural ecosystem
3 Benefits
3.1 The dam created employment for 15,000.
3.2 Restored national pride.
3.3 Biggest source of electrical power in the USA.
3.4 Generates a consistent water supply.
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