Cuban Missile Crisis

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Cuban Missile Crisis
1 General Batista Rule
1.1 Close to America, so they need to keep Cuba as an ally because Soviet weapons based could attack quickly
1.2 A lot of Americans owned businesses in Cuba
1.3 Cuba was just 160km (95mi) from cuba
1.4 General Batista opposed communism
1.5 In 1898 the Americans had helped the Cubans win independence from Spain. From that time the USA had played a major part in Cuban affairs
2 The Cuban Revolution and The Bay of Pigs Invasion
2.1 Castro took over some American owned businesses in Cuba, particularly the agricultural businesses, he took their land and distributed it to his supporters among Cuba's peasant farmer population.
2.2 There were thousands of Cuban exiles in the USA who had fled from Castro's rule. They formed powerful pressure groups.
2.3 Rather than a direct invasion, President Kennedy supplied arms; equipment and transport for 1,400 anti-Castro exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow him. In April 1961, the exiles landed at the bay of pigs. They were met by 20,000 Cuban troops armed with tanks and modern weapons. The invasion failed disastrously, Castro captured or killed them all within days.
2.4 The half-hearted invasion suggested to Cuba and the Soviet Union that, despite its opposition to Socialism in Cuba, the USA was unwilling to get directly involved in Cuba.
2.5 Castro knew in advance that an invasion was likely. Even US papers had said an invasion would happen that week! Castro had assembled a well equipped army of 20,000 men ready to meet the invaders
2.6 The Americans tried to parachute extra supplies to the invasion force when things started to go badly. These were dropped into a swamp and over an army base loyal to Fidel Castro!
2.7 Almost all of the 1,400 members of the invasion force were killed or captured. Only 24 were rescued. Cuba lost just 176 men in the fighting
2.8 The USA were worried about direct US intervention in Cuba so scaled down the initial attack and only used 6 bombers and cancelled cancelled air support to the exiles as they landed. The 6 bombers only destroyed 3 Cuban planes.
2.9 The Bay of Pig Invasion was surrounded by a coral reef. This had shown up on Spy plane photographs but the Americans had thought it was seaweed! It took hours for the invaders to get to Cuba and some of the invaders were attacked before they reached the island

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