Religious Studies: Crime and Punishment

Kim Kusman
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Mind Map on Religious Studies: Crime and Punishment, created by Kim Kusman on 01/08/2015.

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Religious Studies: Crime and Punishment
1 Examples of crime
1.1 Fraud
1.2 Murder
1.3 Sexual assult
1.4 Theft
1.5 Child Abuse
2 Religious Attitudes
2.1 old testament
2.1.1 'an eye for an eye'
2.2 new testament
2.2.1 'love your enemies'
2.2.2 '70x7'
3 Death Penalty
3.1 For
3.1.1 Justice
3.1.2 Sends a message to show crime is taken seriously
3.1.3 Protects the public
3.1.4 No punishment is harsh enough than the death penalty
3.2 Against
3.2.1 Wrongly convicted?
3.2.2 Getting off punishment easily
3.2.3 You are just as bad as the person by killing them
4 Examples of punishment
4.1 prion/jail
4.2 fines
4.3 death
4.4 torture
4.5 water boarding
4.6 community servie
4.7 detention center
5 5 aims of punishment
5.1 Reform
5.1.1 to make people better
5.2 Retribution
5.2.1 you deserve it
5.3 Deterrance
5.3.1 puts people off doing it in the future
5.4 Protection
5.5 Vindication
5.5.1 people don't respect the rules if there is no punishment attatched
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