eng lit: victorian women

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eng lit: victorian women
1 great expectations: charles dickens
1.1 "hand"
1.1.1 told off, agressivly, hard going. not stereotypical woman
1.2 "black hair and eyes"
1.2.1 souless, unkind, feared by everyone. not sweet & soft
1.3 mrs joe is dominant and usurps male authority (becomes the dominant one)
1.4 havisham could represent the unequality of persecution where she ends up destroyed and mad from the man where as he carries on as normal
1.4.1 "faded and yellow" connotations of decay
1.4.2 "had been white long ago" loss of purity of sanity or loss of reputation. being tarnished
1.4.3 "dark eyes that moved and looked at me" lifeless comparison between waxwork and miss havisham. just a body
1.5 biddy is a typical stereotype woman. she is rewarded later to marry Joe
1.5.1 "she managed our whole domestic life, and wonderfully too" being the perfect representation of convention. typical women tribute
2 bertha mason: jane eyre. charlotte bronte
2.1 symbol of how a married woman can be suppressed and transgressive
2.2 " beast or human being" "it grovelled" "wild as a mane"
2.2.1 dehumanised. turned to animalistic. part of her punishement. distorted
3 what does the bee do?
3.1 clear divisions of labour/ roles. seem to be defined/ reaffirmed/ asserted
3.2 represents each gender type. stereotypical of what they expect to happen
4 goblin market
4.1 can show that women are easy to tempt. show they are less competent to watch themselves. cant be independent without trouble.
4.2 end of stanza 7
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