Circular Economy


Mind Map on Circular Economy, created by Josh Hack on 06/13/2019.
Josh Hack
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Josh Hack
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Circular Economy
  1. Products
    1. Adding new parts to extend the products use
    2. Who
      1. Babies
        1. Toys
        2. Children
          1. Outdoor play equipment
            1. Swings
              1. Slides
                1. See-saw
                2. Indoor toys
                  1. Trucks/cars from recycled plastics
                  2. Balance bikes
                    1. Recycled wood
                      1. Recycled wheels
                  3. Major brands
                    1. Adidas
                      1. Nike
                    2. Why
                      1. Encourage recycling
                        1. Less wasted materials
                          1. Less use of finite resources
                            1. Encourages people to buy recycled products
                            2. When
                              1. Holidays
                                1. Camping/travelling
                                  1. Something to be used outdoors
                                    1. Products for school
                                    2. Possible products
                                      1. Using more recycled card
                                        1. Recycled plastic lamps
                                          1. Recycled bags from old materials
                                            1. Toys/game or equipment built with old parts
                                            2. How
                                              1. Visit tip/recycling centre
                                                1. Practice and experiment with materials
                                                  1. Collect broken equipment
                                                  2. Research
                                                    1. 6R's
                                                      1. Recycle Reuse Refuse Reduce Rethink Repair
                                                        1. Companies that use Circular Economy
                                                          1. Use of finite and infinite resources
                                                            1. Product examples
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