1483 (key chronology)


AS Early Modern History
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1483 (key chronology)
  1. APRIL
    1. Edward IV dies
      1. crown passed on to Prince Edward (Edward V)
      2. MAY
        1. Edward V, Gloucester + Hastings enter London
          1. Counsel confirm Gloucester as protector of the realm
          2. JUNE
            1. 13th
              1. Hastings charged with treason by Gloucester
                1. Hastings accused with plotting with the Woodvilles
                2. 16th
                  1. Gloucester requests that Richard joins Edward V in the tower
                  2. 22nd
                    1. Friar Ralph Shaw concludes the protector is entitled to rule
                    2. 25th
                      1. Earl Rivers executed
                        1. petition presented by Buckingham stating the evils of the Woodville's and Edward V illegitamacy
                        2. 26th
                          1. Gloucester hailed as Richard III
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