Why did Knights and Nobles Participate in the First Crusade

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Why did Knights and Nobles Participate in the First Crusade
1 Religious reasons
1.1 The lure of Jerusalem and the Holy Places especially the Holy Sepulchre
1.1.1 The Crusade seen as a Prilgrimage The importance of taking the Crusader Vow Robert of Normandy a good example og a pious noble, as an elder son he stood to loose his inheritance by going on the Crusade They were entiled to privelleged and pilgrims; they did not have to pay debts until they returned Indulgence (granted as a favour/ privilege) and the promise of remission of sins The Crusade as a penitential act (Riley Smith's view) The fear of apocalypse inspired by the fear of judgement day and the desire for salvation
2 Social feudal & familial obligation
2.1 They followed their overlord on the Crusade (feudal Obligation)
2.1.1 Often followed family (Eustace and Baldwin of Bouylion followed their brother Godfrey Or values of Status, knightly ethos and duty expressed in the Chasons De Geste (poems, stories of bravery) A resolution to their knightly dilemma
3 Economic reasons
3.1 The East was painted as a 'land of milk and honey'
3.1.1 Scott suggests some knights like Bohemond and Baldwin had the chance to carve out new lands (as younger landless sons) This reason is largely dispelled since most knights and nobles have secure wealth e.g Stephen of Blois had secure kingship Some people knew that if they killed a Musilm they would be allowed to take all his belongings
4 Conclusion
4.1 "It would be foolish to think they went for religious purposes alone." (Phillips)
4.1.1 However religious/ spiritual motivation is common to all who participated in the First Crusade
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