The Crucible: Salem Witch Trials

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The Crucible: Salem Witch Trials
1 Key Events and their significance
1.1 1. Betty falls "ill"
1.2 2. Village physician decides that the girls are bewitched
1.3 3. Tituba confesses to doing witchcraft
1.4 4. Abigail accuses Rebecca Nurse for witchcraft
1.5 5. Arrest Warrant is issued for Giles, followed by George Jacobs Sr. , and Elzabeth Proctor
1.6 6. John Proctor was hanged
2 Concerns and Thinking
2.1 Perspective on witchcraft
2.1.1 people who go against god
2.1.2 In salem: co-operation of motal humans with devils in order to harm others
2.1.3 those who followed satan
2.1.4 Who were accused? women who were seen as different and as social outcasts older women who were independent and nonconformists
2.1.5 use of power given by the devil to harm others
3 Themes in the play: (in relation to the Salem Witch Trials)
3.1 Intolerance
3.1.1 accused were arrested and hanged quickly without hard evidence
3.1.2 intolerance of with activities
3.2 Hysteria
3.2.1 behaviour exhibiting excessive/uncontrollable emotion
3.2.2 Anyone crying out hysterically let others believe that they saw the devil
3.2.3 uncontrollable fear causes people to think illogically --> cloud their judgement
3.2.4 Use of hysteria to accuse neighbours
3.3 Good v.s. Evil
3.3.1 Witches are considered evil --> affillation with Satan
3.3.2 Satan is evil
3.3.3 Tituba is forgiven as she claims to want to be a good christian
3.3.4 God is good
3.3.5 Anyone who believes in god and praises him is good
3.4 Religion
3.4.1 "Church as government" system e.g. Salem
3.4.2 Against the law: Anything that does not abide to the word of god
4 Other Portrayals
4.1 The examination of a Witch by Tompkins H. Matteson
4.1.1 accused witches were not trusted and respected lost all respect and trust from the community
4.1.2 similar to the play accused witches were accused of lying if they defended themselves
4.2 Half-Hanged Mary by Margaret Atwood
4.2.1 emphasizes the innocence of those accused
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