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Higher English (The Crucible) Mind Map on Salem, created by hjeffrey.home6677 on 04/17/2014.

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1 Massachusettes
2 1692
3 Reputation
3.1 "predilection for minding other people's business"
3.2 In Salem, name and reputation and fundamental
4 Theocracy
5 "a few small-windowed houses snuggling against the raw Massachusetts winter"


  • Salem is a small tight-knit community where survival is difficult. In order to survive here, inhabitants must rely strongly upon one another but also upon their strict theocratic society. The conditions here are harsh and residents must battle against the elements for survival.
5.1 "exposed"
5.2 "unmellowed"
6 Intolerance
6.1 Theocracy


  • Salem is a theocratic society, so moral and state laws are one, meaning that sin and the status of one's soul become public concern. Therefore, there is no room for deviation from the social norm as, due to their deep and strict religious beliefs, individuals must not sin and must abide by god in all ways. Anyone whose social life is not seen to be totally moral is therefore seen as a threat to the Salem society, hence why reputation is so fundamental.

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