Politicisation of the New Model Army

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Politicisation of the New Model Army
1 Created in early 1645 to make the war effort more effective
1.1 Commanded by Thomas Fairfax with Cromwell as lieutenant general
2 Army was abused by leader of the Political Presbyterians - Denzil Holles - through the so-called 'Declaration of Dislike'.
2.1 Said that army petitioners were, 'enemies to the state and disturbers of the public peace'.
2.1.1 To NMA and Political Indeps. it seemed like the Political Presbs. were attempting to build a rival army.
3 Angry because they were owed £3 million and faced disbandment before this was payed.
3.1 Possibility of being charged with offences committed during war as Parliament hadn't passed an indemnity act.
3.1.1 Gentles has argued that these material grievances were key in pushing the army towards direct political action.
4 NMA's entry into politics had a significant impact on settlement.
4.1 Became central to all that followed until the Restoration (1660)
5 Influence of Levellers and Diggers
5.1 The Levellers were a London based group seeking political, economic and social reform
5.1.1 Led by John Lilburne
5.1.2 Leveller movement developed because of the economic distress caused by the civil war
5.2 The Diggers (True Levellers) were another response to the effects of the civil war,
5.2.1 Kishlansky argued, 'the Digger movement appeared more ominous than it actually was'. The ideas and actions of the Diggers were a challenge to the society and politics of the time but their influence was limited.
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