Artificial insemination and surrogacy

Eleanor Matthewman
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IB RS Mind Map on Artificial insemination and surrogacy, created by Eleanor Matthewman on 09/02/2013.

Eleanor Matthewman
Created by Eleanor Matthewman about 6 years ago
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Artificial insemination and surrogacy
1 Key Words
1.1 Artificial insemination (AI)- sperm medically inserted into the vagina to assist pregnancy
1.1.1 Artificial insemination by husband (AIH)- a woman inseminated herself with her husband's sperm
1.1.2 Artificial insemination by donor (AID)- a woman inseminated herself with a donor's sperm
1.2 Straight surrogacy- where a surrogate uses her own eggs to produce a baby for a couple
1.3 Host surrogacy- where a couple give their genetic material, which is them mixed using IVF and implanted into a surrogate
1.4 In vitro fertilisation- when an egg and sperm are mixed in a test tube and them implanted into a woman
2.1 "Be fruitful and multiply"
2.2 "the two become one flesh"
2.3 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you"
2.4 "I give life and I take it away"
2.5 "All life is sacred"
3 Christian Views
3.1 Most agree with AIH
3.2 CoE- aggres with AID as it is a positive affirmation of the family
3.3 RC- disagrees with AID because the marriage is affected and it is known as 'mechanical adultery'
4 "IVF is wrong as millions of fertilised, viable eggs are thrown down the drain"
4.1 agree- potential life
4.2 agree- children are a gift of god. infertility is god's wish
4.3 agree-children need adopting
4.4 disagree- couples should have the right to try for children
4.5 disagree- infertility is like an illness and should be treated as such
4.6 God said "Be fruitful and multiply"

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