Inorganic Nomenclature

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inorganic nomenclature overview

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Inorganic Nomenclature
1 naming monoatomic metal ions
1.1 use name of metal and add the word 'ion'
1.1.1 sodium metal = sodium ion Na = Na+
2 stock system of naming metal ions
2.1 if a metal ion has more than one possible charge it is indicated by a roman numeral in parentheses following the name
2.1.1 Fe(2+) = iron (II) ion
2.1.2 Fe(3+) = iron (III) ion
2.1.3 U(6+) = uranium (VI) ion
3 naming monoatomic non-metal ions
3.1 monoatomic: species made up of ONE atom
3.1.1 Ne He Li+ Cl-
3.1.2 diatomic: species containing TWO atoms
3.1.3 polyatomic: species containing >1 atom
3.2 take off the original ending and replace with 'ide'
3.2.1 chlorine = chloride
3.2.2 fluorine = fluoride
4 constructing formula of ionic compound given name of compound
4.1 write formula of positive ion first and negative ion next
4.1.1 criss cross the #s in front of the ion charges tidy it up if both subscripts can be divided by 2 or 3, do so omit the superscript charges omit subscripts equal to 1
5 constructing the name of an ionic compound given the formula
5.1 how many possible charges does the first ion have?
5.1.1 one write names of ions one after another ZnCl2 = znic chloride
5.1.2 more than one un criss cross subscripts and use as charges. if the charge on the negative ion is double/triple the charge calculated by un-criss crossing, double/triple the charges on both positive and negative ions
6 naming hydrates
6.1 add prefix with 'hydrate' after compound
7 naming compounds using prefix-naming system
7.1 generally reserved for binary compounds in which there are two different nonmetals involved
7.2 each compound is made up of two terms, each with a suitable prefix
7.2.1 first word is name of first element with a prefix second word is name of second element with an 'ide' ending and a prefix
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