Othello's tragic flaw

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Othello's tragic flaw
1 A simple mistake can make them loose everything the possess
2 How Othello makes a perfect tragic hero
2.1 He holds himself in an important role in venice
2.2 Well respected, admired by all
2.3 With external influences and his tragic fall, he makes a dramatic fall from grace
2.4 "The Valiant Moor" "The brave moor" "our great captain"
3 He is just dumb and blind to Iago's evilness and manipulation working against
3.1 "My friend; thy husband, Honest Iago"
4 This quote shows his rapid downfall: "O then Othello, that were't one so good, fallen in the practice of a damn slave"
4.1 " And yet I fear you, for you are fatal then"
5 Othello eventually realises his mistakes. All Othello's elements of tragedy give the audience a sense of pity and remorse for Othello
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