Mass Tourism

Eleanor Matthewman
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IB Geography (Tourism) Mind Map on Mass Tourism, created by Eleanor Matthewman on 09/03/2013.

Eleanor Matthewman
Created by Eleanor Matthewman about 6 years ago
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Mass Tourism
1 Jamaica
1.1 1.3 million visitors in 2001
1.2 tourism is the country's second biggest earner
1.3 220,000 Jamaicans work directly in the tourism sector
1.4 local businesses depend on tourism
1.5 People chose to stay with local families. The money goes directly to the locals
2 Positive effects
2.1 Tourism brings jobs
2.2 new infrastructure must be put in place for tourists- airports, hotels, roads etc. These also benefit the local population
2.3 Construction jobs often go to local people, but they are temporary
2.4 New leisure facilities may be open to local people
3 Negative effects
3.1 The activity may be seasonal. Local people may find themselves out of work for the rest of the year
3.2 The industry is dominated by large travel companies offering package holidays
3.3 Few local employees are well paid. Most of the well paid jobs go to people from the company
3.4 Tourists often prefer familiar food, which would not be locally sourced
4 Strategies to reduce the negative effects
4.1 Offer activities that can be enjoyed all year
4.2 eat local food
4.3 make holidays that appeal to eco-tourists to benefit the local land and work force

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