Maestro and the Pianist 'Distinctively visual'


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Maestro and the Pianist 'Distinctively visual'
  1. The Pianist
    1. techniques
      1. Silence
        1. Silence is used in the scene were Szpilman is playing for his life.It is used to created tension and suspence for the audience
        2. Camera angle
          1. High angle shot:reveals elements of the scene like can of gherkins,Nazi hat and Szpliman himself
            1. Mid shot:Reveals Szplimans gaunt figure,shaggy hair and thin,jaundiced face.
              1. Close up:Shows his once elegant and manicured hands now thin and dirty with ragged finger nails, which contrasts his piano ability
              2. Lighting
                1. Also used in this scene to wordlessly convey the ida of music as Szplimans salvation.A single ray of moonlight falls on him while he plays, which is simlar to some relgious paintings
                2. Symbolism
                  1. can of gherkins represent his animal instinct and will to survive, Nazi hat symbolises the looming threat,His upright posture when playing represents piano as his salvation and reason to live,lighting shows his ability to shut out the terrors of the world and the spirtual uplifting that comes with his music.
                  2. Juxtaposition
                    1. The juxtaposition of his shabby apperence and defeated body is contrasted with the opening scene where he was the complete opposite,This shows how defeated he is and how much he has gone through
                  3. Similarities to maestro
                    1. Szpilman has many similar traits to keller in their piano talent,how piano saved their lives and how they both thought that they were defeated but managed to pull through
                      1. Piano is a major theme in both
                        1. both have holocoust themes
                          1. Wladyslaw Szpilman: I don't know how to thank you. Captain Wilm Hosenfeld: Thank God, not me. He wants us to survive. Well, that's what we have to believe.
                            1. convays Szpilmans will to survive
                            2. Dorota: No-one play Chopin like you. Wladyslaw Szpilman: I hope that's a compliment.
                              1. Shows his modesty towards piano and his immence skill level
                              2. Yehuda: Majorek, this is the greatest pianist in Poland, maybe the whole world.
                                1. Once again shows his piano talent
                            3. Maestro
                              1. Qutoes/techniques
                                1. "A monsoon of beer and swear and noise" (pg 17)
                                  1. Multi sensual imagery: The vivid image that paul exepreinced at the pub, with words that envok all the senses, and create a strong sense of place as disticively visual
                                  2. "the bats that filled the mango trees in the darkening twilight were foxes"
                                    1. Metaphor:gives the reader a sense of the size and wilderness of the animals in Darwin which is metaphor for how paul feels about how he doesnt belong in Darwin.Also it acts and aids in helping with the intorduction of the setting
                                      1. Also "darkening twilight" shows the audience the darkness of the current setting which draws an evil tone to the extract which is a metaphor for what paul sees in Darwin and how he sees it as evil
                                      2. "even our garden lawn-most domesticated of foliage-needed mowing again almost as soon as it was some lush green 5 oclock shadow" (pg11)
                                        1. Personification: this quote employs distinctively visual elements and implys that the climate and nature of darwin is human like giving us great visual images of a "lush green" lawn and high trees and plants which of course employs distinctively visual techniques
                                      3. Similarities to the Pianist
                                        1. Kheller
                                          1. Kheller in the novel is remarkable similar to wladyskaw Szpilman in the film.They relate to each other through their imence passion,love and skill for piano.They both find their sense of belonging through music and more specfically piano
                                          2. Music saved their lives
                                            1. In the Novel Kheller takes refuge under the piano while the storm is at its peak,this results in his live being saved.This is a metaphor for how kheller feels about piano and it saving his life physically and metaphorically.This then relates to The pianist when Szpilmans piano skill saves hi from being killed by the nazis and saves his life
                                            2. Piano
                                              1. Quite obviously piano is a major theme in both texts and plays a cruital roles in the devolpment of the story and consturction of the characters
                                              2. Nazis/WWII
                                                1. War is also a major theme in both texts.The pianist is based around WWii and Szpilmans character is well awear of this.Nazis ruined Szpilmans life and almost broke his spirit, this is compatable to Meastro where the nazis almost stopped kheller from playing piano by killing his family and cutting off his finger but his spirit persisted and he continued to play piano just like Szpliman
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