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Choice Works
1 Dance Movements
1.1 Tabhair Dom Do Lamh
1.1.1 Tune from the Bunting Collection (1840) O'Riada - famous for his group 'Ceoltóri Cullan' in which he assembles an unusual combination of styles and instruments Starts with a single instrument (the Harpsichord) playing the tune, then gradually brings in all instruments singly or in pairs to play the same tune until all have joined, creating a full rich sound. Flattened 7th (creates a modal sound) but mainly G major tonality 6/8 Jig timing but very slow Has an Upbeat
2 Movements from Classical Symphonies
2.1 Eine Kleine Nachtmusic :D
2.1.1 Motzart
2.1.2 This "serenade" is a miniature symphony that has 4 movements Symphony written for the String Orchestra Allegro (movement 1 ) has a triadic melody in G major but modulates to D major Classical Era - 18th century, Motzart, best composer
2.1.3 1st movement is typically in Sonata form Sonata Form - large scale, form ABA
3 Jazz
3.1 Take Five
3.1.1 Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond
3.2 Improvisation
3.2.1 Make it up as you go along. Vary tune by going higher or lower, lengthening or shortening notes & leaving out or adding parts of music in (ornamentation) Jazz Quartet Piano, Drums, Double Bass & Saxaphone One bar of Rhythmic Ostinato (or riff) on piano, Drums and Double Bass repeat over & over with a break for solo Jazz improv First Improv - Saxaphone Second Improv - Drums
4 Orchestrally Accompanied Instrumental & Vocal Movements
4.1 For Unto Us A Child Is Born
4.1.1 G.F Handel
4.1.2 Major key joyful mood, 4/4 time sig
4.1.3 4 part harmony (SATB) Both Polyphonic & Homophonic texture in the vocals 1. Orchestral Intro anticipating 1st vocal theme 2. Sopranos introduce 1st theme then the other voices enter in imitation (polyphonic) 3. Theme developed with semiquaver movement 4. 2nd theme introduced by Tenors 5. All four voices sing together creating climax singing in a 4 part harmony. Now vocal texture is Homophonic
4.2 Hapsichord, Strng + Woodwind in orchestra
5 Illustrative and Film Music
5.1 Concerning Hobbits from The Fellowship of the Ring :3
5.1.1 By Howard Shore
5.1.2 Hobbits nimble movements & large feet. Intro: 2 bar pizzicato strings playing arpeggios but without the 3rd (major or minor?) Rural simplicity and small size of Hobbits. Theme played on folk instruments - Whistle, Fiddle, Accordion. At first a strong rhythm accent is absent suggesting carefree nature of Hobbits but then regular beat comes in suggesting order and stability Beautiful countryside at the Hobbits' home. Orchestral, cinematic sweeping arrangements
6 Concert Overtures
6.1 Carmen Prelude
6.1.1 Georges Bizet
6.1.2 A Prelude is a short piece of music heard before an opera or play. This piece contains some of the music heard later in the opera e.g The Toreadors March Rondo Form - ABACA 2/4 March time Rhythm maintained by Brass with loud (ff) and fast semiquaver movement by strings with Trills followed by quiet (p) quaver movement in the episodes Excitement created with clash of Cymbals, Triangle and Timpani
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