Essay on Man

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Essay on Man
1 Philosophical optimism
1.1 the belief that everything was created at for a good purpose
1.2 Nature is created perfect
1.2.1 Clearly seen in Pope's essay
2 Leibiz's Theodicty
2.1 Justification of Imperfections in our world
2.1.1 How did evil come into this world? God's creations are not wise/powerful
2.2 Religion cannot contradict philosophy
2.2.1 Faith cannot contradict reason God cannot contradict himself
3 "Whatever is, is right"
3.1 Demonstrates that pope believes that whatever exist has some form of truth in it
4 Target of Pope's Satire
4.1 Scientists
4.1.1 Also against those that who attempted to use rationality to disprove god
4.2 Aristocrats
5 Diesm
5.1 the belief that in observation and reason of the natural world exists sufficient proof that God is Real
5.2 accompanied with the rejection of revelation and authority as a source of religious knowledge
6 Argument from design
6.1 This suggests that God designed the world in such a way that it included the possibility of evil, but that if rightly perceived, we would understand that all of it works together for a greater good.
7 The Problem of Evil
7.1 How can we reconcile the existence of evil with God?
7.1.1 God created imperfect beings who can make mistakes
8 Great Chain of Being
8.1 Derived from Plato and Aristote
8.2 Religious hierarchical system
8.3 God
8.3.1 Angels and Demons Stars and Moon Kings, Princes, Nobles, and Men Wild Animals and Domesticated Animals Trees and Plants Stones, Metals, and Minerals
9 What methods does Pope use in his satire?
9.1 He does not actively attack the pompousness of British aristocracy in his time, he just makes it easy to see how ridiculous the aristocrats were
10 What kind of satire is this?
10.1 It is Horatian it is due in large part to human failures. It is a formal form of satire because of the audience for which it was written
11 Symmetry and artifice
11.1 Balance in the world
11.1.1 God had created enough good in the world to balance out the evil. Humans deception if something is real or not. And does it please us.
12 Didactic
12.1 Didatic is "intended to teach, particularly in having moral instruction as an ulterior motive."
12.2 Pope
12.2.1 intends to teach us that humans need to think for ourselves
12.2.2 believes that people will believe that God has created the perfect world

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